PGA Pros / Wholesalers 

GolfTech Pros are the official partners and distributors for GravityFit in the UK.


If you are looking to stock GravityFit products in your golf shop / fitness studio or simply want to sell to clients? We offer discounts on bulk purchases made through the website. Simply place an order as normal in the store and enter the applicable code on checkout. Please see below for details on pricing and codes...

Secondly, if you are interested to learn more about GravityFit products and the science behind them, plus exceptional ways of using them in your coaching or your own golf, we have secured a 10% discount code for UK PGA members for the GravityFit Online Coaches Course. Further info on this is also below. 


OWN USE - If you are a PGA / Tour Professional and require any GravityFit product for own use you can receive 20% off     Code = GFOWNUSE

Bulk order of 12+ Items - For all orders of 12+ GravityFit products you will receive 30% off your order total     Code = GF12+

Bulk order of 24+ Items - For all orders of 24+ GravityFit products you will receive 40% off your order total      Code = GF24+

Please note, these bulk order discount apply to GravityFit products only.

You may order a mixture of yellow, green and / or swing kits for the above codes to apply.  

You may use multiple discount codes at checkout when ordering items from other manufacturers. 

All order prices include VAT.


Presented by US PGA Tour Trainer Nick Randall, this course introduces the GravityFitSystem – unique training equipment, exercises, drills and base principles designed to build Spinal Core Strength for a more stable, solid and repeatable golf swing. This online course is for coaches and other training specialists who are passionate about learning the latest innovative training approach.

To purchase access to the course, please visit

Using the code PGAUKGF to get your 10% discount