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So many players on the PGA Tour and around the world are using the TPro to improve their games. It's time to get involved!

The worldwide leading product in golf for improving posture and understanding of what good posture actually feels like, the GravityFit TPro is effectively used by many Tour Players and Beginners alike. Golfers can benefit from using the TPro as a training aid for every single aspect of the game, or as a tool for strength gains during exercise


'I use the TPro to train my posture and arm-body connection in my golf swing' - PGA Tour player Cameron Smith.


The TPro can be used as a training aid for any golf motion, not just the full swing.  Assisting with understanding good posture, correct arm-body connection throughout the motion and therefore a more stable, connected and consistent motion. 


Exercises you can do with the TPro will help build spinal and shoulder strength / stability, crucial for a consistent and stable motion for every aspect of golf. The TPro is also a fantastic warm up tool, helping fire up the gravity muscles before playing golf. 

The GravityFit TPro is now ​available for purchase from our website. Contact us for more information. 

PRO GOLFER / RETAILER? - Looking to order for own use or for shop stock. CLICK HERE

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